Victor Thruster F Badminton Racket |Review

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Victor Thruster F Badminton Racket Review

Victor thruster f badminton racket is made in Taiwan, with a 6.4 mm shaft and hardcore technology. Launched in Asia in 2017 and Europe in 2018, this badminton racquet has become popular in the market because of its slightly lengthened shape.

It also replaced the thruster 9900 in the victor series of heavy heads. Thruster f is an attractive badminton racket which is available in multi-colors in the market. This badminton racket is designed with the combination of an integrated square-headed frame and a thin anti-torsion rod that provides a great point of attraction. The elastic shaft and intelligent weight distribution facilitate the serving and handling of the shuttle, which also helps the player to obtain more powerful and effective attacks.


  • Size: 4U
  • Brand:  Victor
  • Grip size:  4 5/ 8 inches
  • Sport:  Badminton
  • Material:  High resilient modulus graphite + hardcore technology

About Victor Thruster F

  • Shaft material:High resilient modulus graphite + PYROFIL + 6.4 shaft.
  • Weight: 3U-4U
  • String tension: 32 lbs- 31 lbs
  • Head-shape: Isometric
  • Length:  674 mm
  • Stiff: Flex

Additional factors

  • This badminton racket is compared to other power standard badminton rackets.
  • The output of Victor Thruster F badminton snowshoes is up 20%.
  • The anti-torsion performance is increased by 15.7% to enhance the precision of the attacks.
  • Powerful racket with the extra slim shaft.
  • Has a square- head frame for the larger sweet spot.

Major factors of victor thruster f

  • Hardcore technology

Hardcore technology enables the players to handle the racket appropriately and helps in increasing shot responsiveness. This technology is inspired by a helicopter blade, which is a structure of multi-layer carbon fiber. Whereas the composite racket stiffness, but decreases the material, size, which increases the racket handling and performance.

  • Anti-torsion system

This system technology helps the players to hit at maximum muscle power, which even reduces power as energy generated by you is efficiently passed to the shuttle. That acts as a small angle twist in the Ferrel, the smaller angle of twisting in the shaft materials enables the handle not to twist, which provides optimal power transmission and anti-torsion performance. The player doesn’t lose their power as the power is efficiently passed on.

  • Pryofill

Carbon fiber aids help better control and increase the durability of the badminton racket for all playing styles. This technology originated from the car industry the Japanese Pyrofil ultra-light carbon fiber materials help in better handling and shock absorption.  The other factor is the core strength which results in a reliable racket construction.

  • Tri-formation

Tri-training helps the player to achieve a maximum swing speed and hit hits with more power. Tri formation in the thruster f (3 sections in the head of a racket merges 3 structures in 1, these are:

Sword, aerodynamic shape, and power box technology. These three frame structures are arranged accordingly and integrated to hitting, control, and overall performance.

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Performance of Thruster F

  • Defense

This badminton racquet defends itself quite well. We can compare it to the speed of the Jet 10. It also gives you an impressive feel on the rope bed and has a solid base for up-to-net, Net blocks, or players.

  • Net area

Due to its maneuverability, it performs well even in the net area, generally heavy heads are preferred by the players while playing in the net area and this badminton racket is a perfect example of this.

  • Drop shots and smashes

The Victor thruster is best for fall shots due to its combination of heavy head and thin tree. In other words, the weight is more at the top of the racquet and the gears, it gets more powerful and the player can easily hit the perfect shots. Cutting strokes become easier, like cutting across butter with a hot knife.

The blows are not that hard, but the advantage of playing with this badminton racket is that it is not a strenuous racket for the arms. Rather the smashes are perfect.


Victor Thruster F badminton racket has a bit heavier head and players take some time to get used to it. It is a very powerful badminton racket, but some players dislike its head shape. We have deeply reviewed the Victor thruster f racket above. So if you’re willing to switch your badminton racket to thruster f then you must read the article above it’ll clear all your doubts and misconceptions about its head shape and its performance during the match.

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