Rules and Regulations in Badminton

If you are playing a game, then you might be well aware about its rules and regulations of that particular sport. Likewise, every sport holds some kinds of rules and regulations, that the players have to follow.

Here, in this article below we will talk about the basic rules and regulations of badminton. If you are a beginner or newly entered in this sport, then this article can be very helpful for you.  All you need to do is, go deeply through the post and learn and know about the facts that you need to do or be careful about while playing a badminton match.

The Game of Badminton

To become a good badminton player you need to learn the basic skills and drills of this game. These basic drills leads you to become an a

dvance player and also help you to learn the advance shots and techniques. These basic skills includes holding grip,a proper stance, and footwork that you need to work on. If you master these techniques, then the game becomes very easy to understand.

Rather than these skills, you must also know the number of players required for playing badminton. Usually there are three forms of playing badminton which are badminton singles (one vs one), badminton doubles (two players in a single court), and badminton mixed doubles (one male and one female). So to play badminton in such forms you need to follow the rules and regulations mentioned below:

Basic Rules of Badminton

Here are some basic rules and regulations that you need to take care of while playing a competitive match:

  • A player cannot start a match or serve, until his opponent gets ready.
  • While making a serve you must be careful about the lines, your feet should not be touching the lines.
  • Missing a shuttle while making a serve is not counted as a fault.
  • You are not allowed to fling and hold the shuttle on the racket for a long period.
  • The player can not hit the shuttle before crossing the net.
  • It is counted as a foul if you hold your racket near the net and hit the downward strokes to disturb your opponent.

Faults in Badminton

  • If you hit the shuttle from above the waist line, while making a serve is counted as a foul.
  • After the serve is made, if the shuttle does not land on the appropriate court of the opponent is also counted as a foul.
  • Server and the receivers feet should be on the court while serving.
  • The server should not move while serving.
  • A player is not allowed to obstruct his opponent while he is serving.
  • You are not allowed to double-hit the shuttle.
  • If the player’s body or badminton racket touches the net during the game is also counted as foul.

The Scoring System in Badminton

  • A badminton game consist of three series match of 21 points. Whenever the player serves he scores a point. The player after winning a rally usually add up a point to his score chart.
  • If the match between the both opponents struck between 20-all, then the first 2 points scoring side wins the game.
  • The match winning team always gets the opportunity to serve first in the next upcoming match.

Intervals During the Game

  • As we now know that there are three matches held and between these three matches, the player gets a break of 1 minute.
  • The player change their end when the score reaches to 11, in the last round.


I hope after reading this article, you might have learned about the basic rules of badminton. These rules can help you in improving and defining your game. These were the basic rules of badminton,also approved by BWF, which are applied in every matches weather competitive or friendly.

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