How to String a Badminton Racket| Ways and Procedure

Have an issue with string badminton? Not anymore. I have shared some best ways to string a badminton racket with ease. If we talk about the game badminton, then the first thing that comes to our mind is a top-quality racket and a shuttlecock. Because these are the basic gears that a player must have to play this particular game. But we will also add one more badminton gear here, and that is badminton racket strings. And here the whole article is regarding how can we string a racket.

You might be aware that the shuttlecock has an aerodynamic conical shape. A shuttlecock is made up of nylon, synthetic materials, or feathers. There are basically 16 goose feathers, that are indulged in the stump of a cork. And now let’s discuss the badminton rackets. They hold a frame, made up of different strong materials such as carbon, aluminum, and graphite. A flexible shaft that helps the player to swing a racket while hitting the shots, and a top grip, that is used to hold the racket adequately. And the most important gear of a badminton racket is “Strings”. Without these a racket is incomplete.

And, here in this article, we are going to discuss the basic factors regarding how to String a badminton racket. Also, we will inform you about how a badminton racket is strung?

So, let’s begin.

The procedure of stringing a badminton racket

There are basically two forms of stringing a racket, and these are mentioned and defined below:

Badminton Stringing by Hands

First of all, let me introduce you to the major things you require to string a racket:

  • Badminton racket.
  • A string.
  • String cutter.
  • Awl or a string hooker.


  • Firstly knot the string outside the racket.
  • The knot must be close or near the frame of the racket.
  • Pliers are used to moving the knot tightly near to the frame.
  • High tension is indulged with the help of an awl, needle, or a string hooker.
  • You can thread the strings with the help of an awl string hooker.
  • Check the tension of the strings, whether it is good or not.
  • Then make a good and tight knot at the end after completing the process, and cut the end of the strings.
Some DIY Badminton String Kits
  • Babolat
  • Ashaway
  • Yonex
  • Gamma
  • Eagnas

Badminton Stringing Machines

Badminton stringing machines do the same work to strung a racket, but in an effective way and it measures the tension of the strings while stringing a racket. These stringing machines are quite expensive but are fast and effective.

The procedure of stringing a racket with the help of the machine remains the same as a racket strung by hands. And here are some basic stringing Machines mentioned below:

Top Badminton Stringing Machines

  • Gamma
  • Pro Stringer
  • Klippermate
  • Prince NEOS
  • Tourna

These are various machines, that come in different designs and sizes. But to string rackets with the help of machines, you need to find a stringer, who has experience regarding this procedure. Then you need to find a perfect tension that you need to stick in the racket strings.

Learn More About Badminton Racket Strings

A beginner player always goes for the finest badminton racket, which suits him well. And with the passage of time and improvement in your game, you choose an excellent quality racket for yourself. As there is a wide variety of rackets available in the market.

And with this passage of time, you even learn and know about the basic gears of your racket. Racket strings are one of them. You can find that these strings are made up of synthetic fibers which are known as nylon and polyester. These synthetic materials are cheap but are durable and long-lasting. Where the nylon strings are best for beginners and intermediate players and the polyester strings are best for professional badminton players.

These strings are strung horizontally and vertically in a racket, which has a different use. As the vertical strings help the horizontal strings to stay stable and still. Whereas the horizontal strings provide a sweet spot while hitting a shot.

These strings hold a level of tension, in which they are strung. We will discuss that below:

Badminton String Tension

Let me make it clear that string tension refers to the level of pressure that is indulged on the strings while tying them on a racket. Here below we have mentioned the level of tension that is applied on a racket of a player according to his gameplay:

  • Beginners: 19-21 lbs
  • Intermediate: 22-24 lbs
  • Advance: 25-27 lbs
  • Professional: 28-32 lbs

String Repulsion

String repulsion means the power that it provides you and also refers to facts that:

  • The low string tension provides you more repulsion or power than your racket generates while hitting the shots.
  • The higher string tension generates low repulsion or power from your badminton racket.

Rather than this, you need to keep one thing in your mind that repulsion only provides you the power to hit the shots. But you need to be conscious about the racket, shots, and techniques that you are using while playing a match.

When you become a good badminton player, then you recognize the value of string tension and repulsion.


Hope you like the article. We have mentioned every single piece of information regarding “how to string a badminton racket” above and also mentioned the ways how strings hold the tension.  And described the methods that are used to string a badminton racket. You can tell us, which method you like the most, and which is more effective in the comment section below.

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