How To Play Good Badminton Doubles?

As you know that badminton is played in two different styles. One is singles, whereas the other one is badminton doubles. As in the previous article, we have discussed a lot regarding, how to play good badminton singles? This might have helped some of the badminton players, who love and prefer singles the most. But today here in this post we are going to discuss some basic features, which will let you know about how to play good badminton doubles?

The rules and the dimensions of the court in badminton doubles are slightly different from badminton singles and if you are willing to know more about badminton doubles rules and other features or if you love to play badminton doubles rather than the singles then, you must go through the article given below.

So let’s begin with the post:

Badminton Doubles

how to play good badminton doubles?

Before going deep into this post and topic, let us clear out all the basics through which one should know how to play good badminton singles?

You might be well known that there are two players playing on both sides of the court in badminton doubles. And if we compare badminton singles with badminton doubles then we can clearly see that, the players do not need to indulge a lot of power and stamina during the game, because the two of them can easily cover up the court and this also helps to reduce the burden on a single player.

Although there is one thing, which matters a lot in badminton doubles, and that is coordination. This feature can change the whole game and if you have perfect coordination with your partner, then you can easily win the match. But in case if you do not coordinate with your partner, then you can even lose the match.

Basic Features of Badminton Doubles

Also, if you are a badminton doubles player whether a beginner or advanced and want to improve or work on your game, then you need to perfect and work on a few factors, which I have mentioned below.


Communication is the basic skill, which is required in the players. You might have seen many players communicating with each other during the match or before serving, this is because the players try to trick their opponent by performing some flick serve, drive serve, and many more.

Also, some players communicate using some signs and signals during the match, this helps them to reach out to the shuttle and can perform some perfect shots.

Perfect communication can sometimes lead you to a great win and score a lot of points.


Co-ordination is the second most basic thing, which is required in players for playing badminton doubles. If you are one of the badminton doubles players then you should learn to trust and understand your partner, this will help you to coordinate with your partner.

Serving and Receiving 

Serve and receive are the two most important shots in badminton. These two shots help the players in winning more rallies or points. All you need to do is keep the shuttle low and force your opponent to play some weaker shots. And this will help you to play an offensive and attack shot and make you win a rally.


As we have discussed in a previous article that there is a single-player covering up the whole court in badminton singles. But if we talk about badminton doubles, then here we can see that there are two players playing on a single court, and this reduces the burden on the single-player and here they can easily cover up the court.

The players need to be quick and make some super-fast moves to reach the shuttle with perfect coordination.


If we talk about the formations in badminton doubles, then there are basically two kinds of formations:

  • Attacking Formation

Here in this formation, the attacker moves slightly to the backcourt to hit some powerful smashes, whereas the settler moves towards the frontcourt to play some net shots accordingly.

  • Defensive Formation

And in a defensive formation, the players stay side by side with their partners to reach out the shuttle and play some powerful shots

Enjoy the Game

Some say badminton doubles is easier than singles, but let me make it clear that both styles are equally difficult and competitive. While playing the match all you need to do is stay and keep calm, do not get frustrated. And to make better coordination and to improve your match you need to practice a lot with your partner and do not think of losing or winning the match. Just enjoy the game.

Rules and Regulations In Badminton Doubles


Here are some of the basic rules applied to badminton doubles, and some other rules which players must follow during a match:

  • Each match consists of three sets of 21 points each.
  • Whenever a point is scored, a service is performed by the winning team.
  • A point is added to the scoreboard of a team, after winning a rally.
  • The same rule applies in 29 points, the first team to score 2 points and reach 30 wins the match.
  • When the score reaches 20, the first 2 scores winning team wins the match.
  • The team who wins the match gets the chance to serve first in the next match.
  • One team or the side gets only one chance to serve.
  • When the serving team scores are even then they need to serve from the right court and when the score of the serving team is odd, then they need to serve from the left court.
  • Players in badminton doubles do not change their court until they are serving and win a point.
  • If the receiving side wins a rally, then they get to serve first and become a new server.
  • And in case the serving side wins a rally, then they still have the chance to serve first and remain the server.

Faults In Badminton Doubles

faults in badminton doubles

Now have a look over badminton faults in doubles:

  • Players are not allowed to move their feet during service.
  • The racket should not rise above your waistline while making a service.
  • Repeating a single shot.
  • Making unnecessary delays during the serve.
  • When your racket hits the feather or the shuttle rather than its cork.
  • If you touch the net with your racket.
  • When you hit the shuttle again and again.
  • Crossing your racket during the net kill.
  • Hitting the shuttle over the net before it enters your court.

How to Play Good Badminton Doubles?

how to play good badminton doubles

So as I have mentioned each and every detail regarding badminton doubles above and now we are going to discuss some features and factors which will help you to play good badminton doubles.

So if you are a beginner or play badminton doubles and if you are willing to improve your game and doubles skills, then all you need to do is go through the given paragraphs below:

Coordinate with your partner

Coordination matters a lot in playing badminton doubles. As there are two players on the same court playing with their partners. Badminton is all about speed, agility, stamina, and endurance, which even requires coordination.

In the previous article, we have discussed some features regarding badminton singles, which include hand and eyes coordination. But here in this post as we are talking about badminton doubles and here we will discuss badminton players’ coordination.

Here one must trust and communicate with his partner before playing any shot. Which will help them to play the return shot easily.

Also, in case if you are not aware of your partner’s skills and techniques, then it might cause some negative effects on your game. So, for this, you need to practice more and more with your partner to trust and coordinate with him.

Hold on with a right defensive position

Everyone knows that one can not always take a lead or just win the match. One has to face some hard times too. To sustain in that hard time you must learn some of the defensive factors and hold on with a right defensive position. I won’t say that it will lead you to a great win but yes it won’t let you lose either.

Those who are beginners and don’t know much about defensive positions, then they need to stay side by side with their partners and try to reach the shuttle frequently.

Play purposeful smashes

Attacking is one of the best ways to score a point, but this does not mean that you should play some unheeding shots, which include smashes and other offensive shots. You need to discuss and take a review from your partner before playing any specific shot, which will help you play and focus on the return shot.

You might have seen many players sending their opponents to the backcourt. But in some cases, you might have seen the players ending the game and winning a rally from the frontcourt. So to keep your opponent on the back foot you need to play some adequate shots with your partner, which includes some purposeful smashes.

Here are some purposeful smashes mentioned below, that you should try on your opponent:

  • Try to play the smash or shuttle directly to the opponent’s body.
  • Play a smash to the backcourt or back part of the court.
  • Cross-court smash.

Play a team game

If you are playing badminton doubles, then you should completely trust your partner in every step.

You can win or lose a match with or without your partner, but the main thing that lies here is that still, you both need to be together in the entire match. So the irony is that try to blindly trust your partner through the entire match.

All you need to do is play a team game by communicating with each other and agreeing with each other’s decisions, instead of making an argument. Playing together can help you to score some points and win more rallies. This could also lead you to win the match easily.

Work on your footwork

Having a partner on the court doesn’t mean that you can stand still and ignore footwork. Yes, you don’t have to cover the full court by yourself but still, there is some part for you to cover.

The sport badminton is well known for its speed and accuracy, so the players need to be quick and perform some fast moves then whether it is badminton singles or badminton doubles.

Here are some of the basic footwork mentioned below, that you should work on:

  • Ready position
  • Sidestep
  • Scissor kick
  • Crossover step
  • Three-step run to midcourt
  • Lunges

Tips to Remember for Badminton Doubles

tips to remember

  • Make proper coordination with your partner.
  • Communicate with your partner.
  • Stay positive.
  • Play a team game.
  • Perform some accurate serves and powerful shots.
  • Stay focused.
  • Concentrate on the shuttle.
  • Point out the weakest point of your opponent.
  • Confuse your opponents with your moves and shots.
  • To improve coordination with your partner, practice more and more with them.


I hope you liked the article. As I have mentioned some of the basic information regarding badminton doubles and also help you with some features and factors which will let you know how to play good badminton doubles. This post will enhance your skills and game and help you to win more rallies and points.

So if you are a beginner or just started playing badminton doubles, then you need to go through this post, here you will get to know some basics and features regarding badminton doubles.

Also, if you are still confused about some topic mentioned in this post, or don’t know where to start, then drop your question or message in the comment section below. We will definitely try to short out your problem in every possible way.

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