Ashaway Phantom x-Speed Badminton Racket |Review

In the complete phantom series, Ashaway Phantom X-Speed is the most famous badminton racket. Along with a slightly heavy head configuration, it is a mid-weight racket (84 grams). This badminton racket is a bit stiff so the player can get optimized reflection for fast drive shots.

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Ashaway Phantom X-Speed


  • Size:  G2-4U
  • Brand:  Ashaway
  • Balance:  287 mm (Mid/Head Heavy)
  • Flex:  Stiff
  • Weight:  86g
  • Head:  Phantom airflow
  • Grip size: 4 1/4 inches
  • Material:  Carbon graphite
  • Sport:  Badminton

About Ashaway Phantom X-Speed

  • Flexibility: Stiff
  • Playing level:  Advanced
  • Ideal for: both men and women
  • Grip: G2
  • Composition:  40t Japanese carbon graphite, which helps the racket to bear the tension
  • Head shape: Isometric
  • String tension:  (24 to 30 lbs)
  • Grip material:  PU (Polyurethane)
  • Frame:  Nano Carbon- High Modulus 40 Tonne Graphite


The highly anticipated Ashaway Phantom X-Speed has a modern, eye-catching as well as striking with a smooth matt finish rather than the other badminton rackets in the market.

This badminton racket can glide through the air with maximum speed because the racket frame is thin at the top. It is developed with the help of the new Phantom Airflow System.  It is also an ideal racket for badminton players especially for advanced players as this badminton racket is ultra-slim and lightweight.

Due to the increase in head strength, this badminton racket can bear more tension and is preferred not only by Ashaway’s topmost players but many more other professional and badminton players.

What is Phantom Airflow?

You must we well known that rackets head moves very fast during any strokes. Phantom Airflow or else we can say Phenomenal power create a flattened aerodynamic profile to the top of the racket reducing drag and help the racket to move in the air with high speed and ultimate power.


Badminton Players really enjoy stiff and head-heavy frames.  The Ashaway Phantom X-Speed has a lot of competition to face in this sector and to compete with other known brands it has to demonstrate itself.

Here’s a brief description of the performance of Ashaway Phantom X-Speed in the court:


The Aerodynamic quality of the Ashaway Phantom badminton racket proves its accuracy while defending in-game. The players enjoy the speed of the frame combined with the head weight which allows the player to punch through lifts or drives very well.

Basically, a player can’t expect such super speed from light head rackets but can settle happily for this badminton racket.

Net area:

To intimidate and dominate his opponent a player always tries to play at the net. Due to the combination of aerodynamic design and the accurate amount of weight in the head the player can easily control and speed up during the match. As too much weight in the head can slow down the game.


This badminton racket has a lighter frame despite this it has a fast delivery speed. The player does not struggle much with X-speed. All you need to do is point the racket in the right direction and the racket hits the shuttle and sends it to the rear court with great ease.

This badminton racket also delivers superb drop shots and smashes.

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The Ashaway Phantom X-Speed has a high-quality full-length cover. The weight, grip, and size of this badminton racket are similar to other rackets. Basically, these badminton rackets are designed for advanced players as the beginners and intermediate players might take some time to adjust to this badminton racket. So if you are an advance or defensive player this badminton racket will perfectly suit you and enhance your game.

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