5 Best Badminton Rackets Under 800 [Reviews]

There are some special qualities in a badminton racket that make them nad out. The qualities that you might look for might be different for everyone else. If you play badminton then you should look for some certain qualities that make that particular racket perfect for you. Here are some of the best badminton rackets under 800, if you are looking for that perfect racket that suits your capabilities and playing style. The rackets mentioned in this list of best badminton rackets under 800 have been tried and tested. So, do not worry about which racket is the best and which is not because we bring you the best of all.

Badminton was included in the Olympics in 1992 and the day when the first match was played nearly 1.1 billion people tuned in to watch it. This is the popularity and the glory of the game. Since badminton got its popularity a lot of players have participated in the sport professionally and brought glory to their respective countries. One of the most important equipment that is used in this game is badminton racket. A badminton racket is an equipment with which the players hit the shuttlecock back and forth. The basic rules of badminton include not letting the shuttlecock touch the ground or the net. Which is done with the help of a badminton racket. A lot of variants of badminton rackets are made according to the convenience of different players. If you are a beginner then you must be wondering what ‘different players’ means.

Different players ave different playing styles. The players with different playing styles ops for different rackets. There are three kinds of playing styles and they are aggressive, deceptive and defensive styles. Usually, players who learn the sport professionally are taught two of these styles.

5 Best Badminton Rackets Under 800

If you are a beginner looking to get a new badminton racket then it is okay not to spend a lot of money on it. Badminton rackets come with different features for different players. Take a look at the best badminton under 800 to get the perfect one for you.

1. Yonex ZR 100 Aluminium Badminton Racket

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  • Grip Size: G3 (3.5 Inches)
  •  Weight: 95 – 99.9 grams
  • Colour: Black 
  • Head Shape: Isometric
  • Strung Type: Strung
  • Playing Level: Intermediate and Beginner
  • Material: Aluminum

Yonex has been one of the most famous companies for producing the most efficient badminton rackets and it has proved again that it has its fame for all the right reasons. Yonex ZR 100 Aluminium Badminton Racket features an aluminium frame which is perfect for the use of a beginner and an intermediate player. Aluminium frames are more durable than other frames and provide better ability to practice. The shape of its head is isometric which enlarges its sweet spot. An enlarged sweet spot of the racket helps in hitting powerful shots even if the shuttlecock did not hit the centre of the stringbed. All these features have made this the best badminton racket under 800 in this list. 

2. Li-Ning XP-90-IV Aluminium Badminton Racket 

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  • Grip Size: S2 (3.25 Inches)
  • Weight: 90-95 grams
  • Colour: WHITE/SILVER 
  • Head Shape: Oval
  • String Level: 18-20 lbs
  • Flexibility: Medium
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Strung Type: Strung Badminton

Another brand which is known for producing excellent badminton rackets for all levels of players. Li-Ning XP-90-IV Aluminium Badminton Racket has a super-light frame with an aerodynamic design which helps in reducing air resistance which improves the swing speed of the racket for the gameplay. The aluminium head is excellent for the use of beginner as it absorbs more impact does not damage the frame easily. The aluminium frame also provides more elastic recoil. The wide stringbed provides more area to hit the shuttlecock and increases the bouncing capacity. The shaft is also made of aluminium which is lightweight increases the manoeuvrability of the badminton bat. Medium flexibility gives a firm feeling.

3. Yonex ZR 101 Aluminium Strung Badminton Racket 

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  •  Frame Material – Aluminium
  • Shaft Material – Aluminium
  • Weight – 95 – 99.9 grams
  • Grip Size – G4 (3.5 inches)
  • Head Shape – Isometric Head Shape
  • Strung level – Strung

Another badminton racket which gave is versatile and is perfect for the use of beginners and intermediate players. Yonex ZR Series Aluminium Strung Badminton Racket comes with an aluminium frame which gives this racket its durability and capability of absorbing tough impacts. The low torsion steel shaft of this badminton racket increases the durability. This lightweight badminton racket lets you play longer rallies without getting exhausted and tired. The grip size of this badminton racket is made for medium-sized hands. Altough I would recommend trying different grips to know which one you are most comfortable with. 

4. Yonex GR 303 Aluminum Blend Badminton Racket

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  • Grip Size: G3 (3.5 Inches)
  • Weight: U (95 – 99.9 grams)
  • Colour: Blue
  • Head Shape: Isometric
  • Strung Type: Strung
  • Playing Level: All
  • Material: Blend
  • Shaft – low torsion steel shaft

Another badminton racket which satisfied us with its versatility, this racket got the fourth position in the list of top badminton rackets under 800 as it is suitable for all players. It does not matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced player this racket will serve you well. The isometric head shape of this badminton racket helps in hitting powerful shots because of its enlarged sweet spot.

5. Li-Ning XP 800-Srikanth Signature Series Badminton Racket

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  • Srikanth Signature Series: Ideal for Beginners and Intermediate Players
  • Weight: W3 (85-87g)
  • Isometric
  • Material: Aluminum-alloy

The isometric shape of the head of this badminton rackets lets you hit powerful shots. The reason behind this is the enlarged sweet spot due to the isometric shape of the head. The enlarged sweet spot helps you hit shots full of strength even if you hit the shuttlecock off centre. This lightweight badminton racket enhances the swing speed and lets you deliver speedy shots swiftly. Li-Ning XP 800-Srikanth Signature Series Badminton Racket features a stabilized torsion angle helps you cut through the air with no effort. 

Different Styles of Playing Badminton

As mentioned earlier badminton is generally played with two styles out of three. The player usually takes up one style and the other style is used seldom. The three different styles of playing badminton are the attacking or the aggressive style, deceptive and defensive style. One of the most popular and famous styles among all of them is the aggressive style. I am sure people who do not play badminton regularly are also aware of this style. The most famous shot of this style is the smash. Smash is also considered to be one of the most aggressive shots. Here is a brief explanation about exactly are these style and what they include.

The Aggressive Style

Mainly the shots played in this style of playing badminton include the most famous aggressive shot like smashes, net shots and drop shots. A lot of shots in this style are attacking lobs, higher services rather than lower services, pushes and flicks that are fast-paced and low. These low and quick pushes and flicks are shot to the rear court from the net. The footwork in this style is fast and quick-paced.

The Deceptive style

The services in this style are higher than normal, these services are sent to the baseline. The lobs that are played in this style are more deep and angled. The tricky drop shots are played more deceptively and are dropped near the net. The shots that are played near the net are sharper and deeper but the footwork in this style is not as fast as it is in the aggressive and attacking style. The shots that are played in the deceptive style are deceptive as to trick and another purpose is to slow down the opponent. The defence of the players who play with this style is generally better and more reliable. The push shots played by the players are shot to the rear side of the court. The movement of the players on the court with this style are swifter and require less smashes.

The Defensive style

The shots played in this style are comparatively simpler and more plain. The services in this style are higher and are usually sent to the backside of the court. The net shots are also not very tricky but are quite simple and plain. There are a few cross-court shots involved in this style. The drop shots are considered sharper but are not as fast and tricky as they are in the aggressive style of playing badminton. The main purpose of this style is to tire out the opponent. The simple and plain shots are used to make the opponent lose all their energy. The players play a consistent and continuous shot to make the game monotonous with very few mistakes. The players who play with this style are known to have higher stamina and endurance as their bodies are habitual of the long rallies.

As I mentioned earlier all the top and professional players use a combination of two styles where one style dominates and the other one is used seldom to surprise and trick their opponents. Some examples of professional players are Zhao Jian Hua,  efficiently uses the attacking style and deceptive stroke play. Foo Kok Keong, Ong Ewe Hock and Ardy Wiranata play in the simple defensive styles and sometimes use the fast attacking style. Rudy Hartono mostly used the fast attacking player. P. Gopichand uses the deceptive style and sometimes use the aggressive style of playing badminton. Susi Susanti used the usual defensive and straightforward style.

Which style is good for you?

Today a lot of people are attracted to the aggressive style of playing badminton. The jumping smashes and fast-paced footwork has inspired a lot of young players to take up badminton. Rudy Hartono introduced the aggressive style with all the attacking lobs and smashes. My suggestion to all the aspiring badminton players would be to resort to the style they find most comfortable because exerting your body to adopt a style is never a good idea. Before choosing a style for yourself always remember it is okay to have an idol but it is never okay to forget your individuality. Maybe your body is made for the straightforward, deceptive style or maybe you can play the defensive style better but you still choose the aggressive then it is your loss.

Make sure you ask these questions to decide which style will suit you the best

  • Are you emotionally strong to handle this kind of sport?
  • The temperament which suits the aggressive players is the one where the player is aggressive and willing to take risks. Will you be able to handle this?
  • The attitude which suits the defensive players is the one where the player is hardworking and who takes pleasure in defeating their opponents with long rallies and consistent shots. Will you be able to do this to defeat your opponent?
  • Do you like controlling your opponent and play a quality game to win points and win the overall game?
  • Are you physically fit enough to play this sport as it is a very demanding sport?
  • Do you have the strength to continuously deliver sharp and powerful smashes to defeat your opponent?

These questions are not meant to discourage or disappoint you. These questions are meant to make you realise what you are capable of and what you are not. And if you are willing to do whatever it takes to become what you want then all the best for your future as a badminton player. I would suggest you to never lose hope in yourself because it is the first step to achieving something.


The badminton racket that we found to be the best badminton racket under 800 is Yonex ZR 100 Aluminium Badminton Racket. This badminton racket fulfils every requirement of the badminton player and very well performs as it supposed to. The aluminium frame lets you play as you wish. It is a durable racket which very vell absorbs the tough impacts and protects the shape of the frame and avoid deformation. The other badminton rackets are mere alternatives and perform well. The best feel that we could get was with Yonex ZR 100 Aluminium Badminton Racket.

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