Yonex duora 77 badminton racket review

Yonex has a variety of collections designed according to different playing styles. This Yonex Duora 77 racket has a unique design for your backhand drives and forehand smashes. It will help you to dominate with every shot and able to control the game with any technique.

If you want to know this could be the best choice for the exceptional game then keep reading our user guide till the end for complete information about each specification this racket holds.

You can explore other alternatives of the Yonex series but first, check out this racket feature which may benefit you from any angle. You can switch to any criteria with this filtered list:

Yonex Duora 77 Badminton Racket Review

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Size:  3U(85-92g )

Grip size:  G4

String Level: 26 pounds | Strung Type: Strung

Flex: Medium

  • This weight category falls under the 3U classification which is considered lightweight and can be managed properly. Meanwhile the grip size G4 with a lightweight common combination made by Yonex, perfect for balanced and controlled shots. You will not miss responsiveness with this combination. The shaft is medium stiff having more control over the shuttle.
  • Need not to worry with pre-strung manufacturer recommend the string tension should be 19-26 pounds. The overall length is 675 mm which is also standard category

Material and construction

This racket comes with HM graphite with a stiff shaft which will provide you powerful smashes.

Dual Optimum System

The design is matched friendly with perfect durability. Advance players can switch to any side for powerful shots with a different technique. Each side has its own specialty with a highly constructed design.

The forehand uses a material Nanometric DR will increase the shuttle response time and the backhand uses a material Ni-Ti fiber that will decrease air resistance for controlled swing movement.

AeroBox frame

This racket has a unique feature with two different side frames having different material construction for power and control shots

This frame will minimize air-resistance for increased swing speed. When the shuttle will approach fast the player will benefit with increased reaction time for more defensive shots.

Isometric Head shape

This design will enhance the sweet spot for better shuttle engagement for an accurate shot from any direction. Players can pick shuttle even with off-center and due to this design, the shuttle will land to the opponent field appropriate projection.

When combining all these features you can predict the accuracy of this racket from weight to construction design for perfect field performance.

The cutting-edge technology that combines two badminton frames in one racket is the next level for advanced players at an affordable price. Other features include

  • Built T joint
  • Aero + Box Frame
  • Control support cap which increases the flat surface by 88%

Performance-wise review

Impressive speed shot

This racket forehand and backhand design is the reason for a powerful shot with perfect timing. You can play offensive and defensive at the same time while switching quickly to any side.

Due to a more sweet spot, there are fewer chances of a missed shot.

The air resistance will not be a problem while swing speed, all thanks to its construction.

Defensive shot

The frame design supports defensive shots as with less air resistance players will benefit from increase reaction time. Swing speed will not be a burden due to isometric head shape and medium-stiff shaft.

Smash shots

This racket is not made for powerful smashes. If you prefer power and speed then aggressive shots then need not think twice before buying. Be smart enough to choose the appropriate playing style for yourself that will create a good impression on the court.

Everything has its good or bad side as well so need to highlight this racket pros and cons for a clear understanding of a smart decision so you will not miss any detail before buying.


  • The Aero frame + Box frame makes this racket unique in terms of durability with impressive speed to shuttle even for off-center hits. The shuttle hold is improved by 3% with Box frame design and 9% increase in repulsion speed due to aero frame design.
  • Control support cap to improve width surface by 88% which will definitely help in controlled shots from any direction
  • This racket is great for all styles of play as the serving is much effortless because of the even balance of the racket with less wrist pain.
  • The racket design, construction material used and technology are beneficial for any level of players if they know how to balance the racket.


  • Smashes can be weak the reason due to evenly distributed weight in all the parts of the racket. Rackets with a heavy head are most preferably used for smash shots.
  • Due to dual side racket technology, it may not be a great choice for beginners or even intermediate players. They face difficulty getting acknowledge with the right side for the perfect shot or balanced shot. It will prove somehow hassled condition during the match when not come up with proper practice.

For whom it will be best?

This racket is for anyone who is acknowledged with huge forehand and quick backhand and can manage hassle-free shots without much confusion.

Advance players who love to play smash shots then you should check out other series of Yonex designed perfectly for smash shots.


In the end, we will recommend this racket to everyone whether beginner or advanced players and singles or doubles, this can prove to be a great choice at affordable prices. You should definitely check out this racket if having forehand and backhand manage capability. This racket will not disappoint you in terms of your wallet as well.

If you love to play super offensive with more power to shuttle in every shot then this racket is undoubtedly recommended for your style.

The overall technology with the design is so impressive in budget-friendly that you should once look into this racket for your purchase when suits your style. This is not for smash lower but a great choice for power and impressive speedy shots that you will able to command the court.

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