Yonex Duora 55 Badminton Racket| Review

Yonex Duora rackets are designed for overall performance that will reach the match to a new high. It has the latest technology design structure which is impressive for controlled and powerful shots. You can surprise the opponent with a control game rather than being on the responsive side.

If you are searching for better alternatives in racket then you must have a look at its specifications whether suits your playing style. We have come up with this user guide for the detailed review of this racket.

You can switch to any criteria with this filtered list.

Yonex Duora 55 Badminton Racket Review


  • Weight:  83 grams 
  • String Level: 24 pounds | Strung Type: Strung
  • Grip: G4
  • Flex: Medium

It has an average weight category as one will not feel heavy during flexible shots and the grip size is standard for easy hold during long matches.

The manufacturer recommends 24 pounds string tension and pre-string is also a comfortable choice for players as one can change string tension with available extra grommet holes present in frame design. 

The medium-stiff flex is good for control and responsive shots as the solid feel will enhance the balanced shot with control in every throw.

Material and construction

  • Frame Material: H.M. Graphite, Nanometric Beta, Super HMG
  • Shaft Material: H.M. Graphite

The material used for construction is the high-level design used to give the racket a solid feel and long life convenient for players who dont want to change rackets frequently.

Dual Optimum System

This design will give power to both forehand and backhands helpful in switching to any side with a different technique. Players can opt for a different playing style from any side when mastered in switching to any side hassle-free according to shot requirement.

Each side has a unique design with no compromise in any shot. Aerodynamic and Box frame design increase the racket efficiency to command the court with every single shot.

The Box frame enhances the shuttle hold time and the Aerodynamic frame helps in more responsive shots that will surprise the opponent with accuracy.

HM graphite with Nanometric which offers the best bounding of carbon fiber material which improves the frame characteristics which is better strength, better shuttle hold, and flexibility while racket head movement.

Built-in T-joint

These design characteristics will control the game rather than defensive shots as to when shuttle gets hit from string bed the extra force is absorbed by T-joint design beneficial for a controlled shot in opponent side.

Control support cap

Provide easy gripping with 88% wider flat. The wrist comfort is of utmost importance for controlled swing without any wrist pressure. It provides the sharpest maneuverability. The Isometric head design enhances the sweet spot for better serving.

Performance-wise review  

Impressive speed shot 

Due to its solid design, you can choose control shots rather than responsive shots. The material used for construction will increase the solid feel of the racket for powerful strength and provide a better balance during force and control with more accuracy.

Smash shots 

The smash shot is not a good choice with this racket due to an even balanced racket. You should consider a heavy head racket for a smash shot that can generate power in one direction.

Defensive shots 

With Aerodynamic feature, the racket will generate less air resistance with better repulsive shots

It will provide better balance during the swing movement each time for excellent shuttle control. 

Every racket has some good or bad features which make them distinct from others and helpful for better choice according to expertise field. You need to know the cons as well for a clear understanding of a smart choice.


  • Dual Optimum System provides powerful forehand smash shots and backhand drive with durable material used which will enhance the racket flexibility. 
  • The repulsive power and impact strength provides control and accuracy during every shot even for off-center hits.
  • It is the perfect racket in terms of durability as Nanometric technology increase the racket maneuverability with long life shell.
  • There will be less vibration during impactful shots as the high-quality design is always the plus point great to deal with extra force on the shuttle for accurate shots.   
  • Every shot has great control when the player knows the technique to balance the racket and can switch to any side according to shot demand. 


  • This racket is not for smash lovers due to evenly distributed weight which will not able to generate power in one direction. If you want a racket with a powerful head you can choose another Yonex series designed with a heavy head for smash shot.

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Overall Performance review

Yonex dura series is the best fit for players who believe in their playing skill so that switching to forehand and backhand is hassle-free at any moment and not require even decision time to change any side otherwise the racket will create a problem with inaccurate shots.

This racket is constructed for the overall playing style and anyone can expect power and control on every shot.

For whom it will be best?  

This racket is the best choice for recreational and professional players who can smoothly balance the badminton side according to shot demand. Yonex Duora series proves impactful for professionals who need an overall performance racket in the mid-price range. 

Intermediate and Beginners may have a problem with racket adjustment for a controlled shot and better shuttle response time.


Yonex Duora is the best choice for players who want to dominate the court having speed and power in every shot. The opponent will feel the strength and accuracy due to its impressive performance. Professional have the choice to pick any style while playing with better control on shots.

It is one of the best rackets for any style one can choose for powerful and accurate shots. The price tag will never hurt you with respect to its durability in design and the latest technology used creating a solid feel with every swing and having a stable head with excellent shuttle control with every shot.

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