Yonex Arcsaber FB Badminton Racket |Review

Yonex Arcsaber FB racket is the top addition in the category of lightweight rackets which will be the perfect choice for the players who value speed. This will enhance control over the game for more accurate hits.

This racket matches the overall criteria for impressive performance with control in every swing with the perfect response time. You can answer the attack of an opponent from every angle without any fatigue. The stiff shaft will prevent any unwanted movement which is not required for any accurate shot. The frame is made up of top-notch material, quite impressive for better response time.

If you are searching to choose the best according to your expertise techniques and struggling for a detailed review on various specifications then do check our user guide available to choose your best depending on various criteria.

If you prefer accuracy, speed, and a controlled game with the opponent then this racket surely will not disappoint you. You can take help from our filtered content anytime. You can bookmark this for further help.

Yonex Arcsaber FB Review


Shaft: Very-stiff

Weight: F (73g)

Grip size: G4

This racket has a weight of 73 grams which is F classifications which is different than most of the Yonex racket with 3U or 4U weight classification. Normally racket weight average 83 grams, this racket is the lightest racket in Yonex series.

The is the conventional grip size for balanced shots with the perfect fit for easy movement.

Due to the stiff shaft, it will help experts in more accurate shots with an impressive solid like feel.

Material construction

The CS Carbon Nanotube is one of the most perfect construction which improves racket life in terms of durability and flexibility. The frame will be more adjustable when quickly return to its original shape.

The T-joint between the frame and shaft is beneficial in terms of making the shuttle more stable when released in the air.

Control support cap which means having soft grommets in the corner of the frame. This will reduce the pressure from off-center hits and will help in having a more sweet spot for taking a shot from any corner of the racket.

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Yonex arcsaber FB racket shot wise review

Defensive shots

This racket is best suited for players who prefer to justify their shots in a very controlled manner. The shuttle will land in the opponent field every time without any miss from any angle. The response time will be perfect due to having a stiff shaft especially when you have mastery of the techniques.

Controlled Shots

You will feel too much resistance which will be great for excellent controlled shots. This will make the racket swing in a very responsive manner by having the perfect skill to make shuttle land on an opponent place in every shot.

Smash shots

This racket is not designed for smash lovers due to less weight on the head of the racket which will not at all generate enough power in one direction. This will disappoint in terms of smash shot but defensive players will definitely check out this light-weighted racket for each shot justification.

There are pros and cons for everything we choose so we have concluded all the points under this section for a quick view while checkout. There is much range of  rackets in the Yonex series having an individual specialty, designed for experts choice


  • This racket is good for defense which will attack your opponent with relative ease. You can easily answer every shot in a very controlled manner without wasting much energy on balancing the shuttle.
  • The racket swing is one of the best quality in this range of lightweight Yonex series. Due to its more stiff shaft with T-joint will place back the head position when moved every time for hard-hit.
  • Excellent control especially when you have mastery in your expertise field. You will not feel too much resistance in every swing. The racket weight plays an important role here.
  • The Deadly Combination of material used for the construction of the frame, the lightweight, stiff shaft will definitely not disappoint players beating the opponent shot with perfect accuracy and with time.


  • This racket is not beginner-friendly at all due to its stiff design which will not help them to learn the controlled shots instead of these beginners can opt for a variety of other options which will perfectly enhance their skill.
  • This racket will also disappoint to smash lovers who need power pack performance in one go. They can check the other variant of the Yonex series which are designed for smash shots especially.
  • Due to white grip, we think it will get dirty easily so it will require care when you look in color point of view.

For whom it will be best?

We have given you detailed specifications from scratch which is easily understood that this racket is a big no for beginners. Due to stiff design beginners will not able to control the swing movement easily.

Experts and intermediate players can easily check out this racket, especially when searching in terms of balanced, defensive, and responsive performance. We will not recommend this racket for smash lovers as they can checkout Yonex Voltric 8 E-Tune Badminton racket for powerful performance.

Yonex has always come up with a different variety of rackets considering expertise needs as their top priority so they will not lose an inch in their performance-wise chart. You can select this racket when comes to all-rounder performance with accurate hits.


After considering all the points in mind with our guide you can easily choose the best for yourself. If you have spent time and money on improving your Badminton skills then definitely you can choose the best from this Yonex series according to your first priority.

We will recommend this racket when you have your first priority as a defensive player with impressive response time. This racket has overall great stability for better shuttle pick with too much resistance for each shot.

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