Victor Brave Sword 12 Badminton Racket | Review

The Victor Brave Sword 12 throwing tough competition to other Badminton brands when compared to speed and accuracy. It is a powerful racket with strength and flexibility to play any shot. This racket was launched in 2010 but used by several badminton champions including Lee Yong Dae and Yoo Yeon Seong.

It has the latest technology design for perfect racket stability with a solid feel to empower the opponent shot from any direction. Its consistent innovation in design is the factor counts first among professional players.

We are providing you with a complete guide for choosing smart without compromising with the budget. You can switch to any user guide with this filtered list 

Victor Brave Sword 12 Review


Weight: 3U (84-89g)

Grip Size: G4

Stiffness: Medium 

String Type: Pre-Strung | String weight: 28 lbs

This racket comes with a weight category of both 3U and 4U which is considered the standard size for swing movement. The grip size will never be an issue and you will not feel any fatigue if used for a longer duration.

The shaft stiffness is under the category of balanced and perfect design for speed and accuracy. The player will not feel disbalance when the shuttle hits an opponent from any direction. It is easy to use around the net.

The player can adjust string tension up to 28lbs but the racket comes pre-strung. You can place weight on 10 and 2 clock

Material and construction

Graphite + Nano Technology 

Head and shaft made up of Modulus Graphite with Nano Rasin Technology which provides racket solid feel. It enhances its toughness for controlled shots. One can easily feel the control over every shot made from any angle and it will definitely increase the accuracy of the game.

Diamond Shape Frame

This design reduces air resistance by approximately 10% and increases its maneuvering capability. The racket shaft can be easily switched to any direction without any fatigue for any type of shot from the opponent. It cut through the air like a sword.

The NanoTech improves the stiffness of carbon composite and vital in improving racket durability. 

Shock Resistance 

The material used can easily absorb shock that will provide a stable shot to an opponent without losing stiffness. The extra force is transferred to the string bed which will help the accuracy of the shot from any direction due to stability in every throw.  

Performance review

Smash shot 

It is not head heavy racket but instead, its weight is evenly distributed overall. This racket is not a good choice for smash lovers as not able to produce directionally force. It is easy to swing in every shot without arm fatigue when played for a longer duration.  

Net shot 

The racket proves best for a Net shot due to its great maneuverability. Its flexibility increases the accuracy of the shot even net shots as well. The player will not lack in accuracy and speed in every shot. You can feel the quick response of every opponent shot.

Defensive shot 

This is excellent for players who choose the defensive style of playing for the overall score rather than smash shots. It will provide you with speed, accuracy, and responsiveness anytime for every throw. You can dominate the game quickly with its flexibility to swing in every moment in any direction.

Let’s check out its Pros and Cons for better understanding in clear prospective to select smart according to expertise field.


  • It has excellent flexibility to move in any direction hassle-free and every swing can be easily managed with responsive shots.
  • One can control the racket movement due to the stiff shaft design as giving it solid like feel.
  • The racket has an adjustable string tension in a diamond-shaped frame weight can be placed on 10 and 2 clock.
  • It is overall a balanced racket if someone needs more power, ahead of heavy will be a good choice.
  • It is a fast and powerful racket and quick for every shot but not powerful for smash shots.


  • It is expensive when compared with other rackets having the same specialty but good for speed and accuracy lovers.
  • It is not a powerful racket for smash shot lovers due to evenly distributed weight. If someone prefers to smash shots as their priority to dominate in the game then checkout head-heavy racket which can generate one-direction powerful shots.

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For whom it will be best?

This racket is a great choice for speed and accuracy lovers. Every type of player whether advance or beginners will get benefited from its excellent design. If you choose defensive game is your first priority rather than smash shot for powerpack performance.

It will be a great choice for offensive players who want to stun their opponents by launching an aggressive attack. 

Overall Performance

This racket has an impressive design that you will admire. The head design is to reduce air resistance making it easy to quickly respond to the attack of your opponent.  

The extra force can be transferred to the string bed due to its tough material used which will give accuracy to every shot.  

The net shot, serve and defensive shot will also be effortless this is due to the weight of the racket and its flexibility to be bend in any direction. Smashes will not be too impactful due to their evenly distributed weight but you can justify every shot with equal accuracy.


This racket is a good choice for players from all levels, especially those who do not care about smash shots and spend time on accuracy and focus on overall performance to deliver exceptional quality. Any type of player whether beginner or advance can improve their game accuracy with its excellent flexibility to take any shot from any direction.

If you prefer flexibility, speed, and control over any other playing style as a priority in court then this racket proves to be the best choice. It is a little bit expensive than other rackets present in the market having similarities in the feature but still, you can choose with our user guide.  

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