Lining N90 III Badminton Racket |Review

Lining N90 III is an aerodynamic racket designed for excellent power with great flexibility. It is a top-notch racket for advanced players which is impressive in strength having excellent control. The price may be quite expensive but worth it when considered with optimized design. 

If you are checking Badminton racket having great flexibility for all-rounder performance and you are focusing on swing speed then you can make up your mind after checking this user guide which will definitely help you with a smart choice.

You can switch to any criteria with this filtered list 

Lining N90 III Review


Weight:85 to 89 grams under the 3U category 

Grip size: S2 extra small

Head shape: Isometric Head

String: Unstring | String Tension:  24 to 28 pound

The weight is under the mid-weight category good for easy swing movement with the flexibility to take any shot. The Grip size is very small when compared with a normal Badminton racket, it will create a problem for people having a wide hand. 

It comes with unstrung and you can adjust the string tension with the recommended tension. 

The overall length of the racket is 675mm while the length of the grip is 200mm adjustable for small hand people.

The head shape enhances the sweet spot for a flexible shot from any direction. The serving speed increases with accuracy and you can own the opponent shot with its shape.  

Material and construction  

3D Break-Free Technology   

This technology is unbeatable with the application of mega power product specifications. It provides better swing speed without feeling a heavyweight on the hand. You can move the racket in every direction hassle-free. Due to this technology, the swing speed will increase by 4.9% than usual. 

Carbon Fiber Material    

The carbon material is very lightweight which gives the racket a light feel during any movement and increases the strength, stiffness, and power on smashes. It has a medium flex with a lightweight design without losing any strength needed during powerful shots.

Advance nanometer graphite material gives 20% better strength without compromising the racket weight. It gives excellent strength with a lightweight design.

Dynamic Optimum Frame 

The sweet spot is considered as an area where the player gets maximum power. You can pick shuttle from any direction with the enhanced net area. Shuttle area of contact with the racket enhances and it will lead to impactful performance with every shot.

Turbo Technology 

Due to the heavy head design with the enhanced sweet spot the smash shot power will increase and the player will feel the power in every smash shot. The racket frame goes into deformation when the shuttle hits on the string bed this technology gives the frame strength to resist extra force.

Performance review 

This racket is perfect for an offensive type of play where your aim is to respond to the opponent’s shot every time and own the court. It is the best racket with offensive style playing due to enhanced durability, flexibility in swing speed, and material used for tough design.

It is a unique racket with an aerodynamic design for less air resistance and better swing speed.

Players can choose any playing style when its strength not compromised with accuracy and control. 

Serving is easy and strong without having to do a lot. Its technology with keeping in mind every aspect gives the racket perfect strength and durability. You can play according to your expertise and definitely, this racket will not disappoint you from any aspect due to its perfect design.

If you are struggling for a short overview with its procs and cons for clear understanding regarding the final decision then have a look at the clear view from tip to toe.

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  • It is perfect for an offensive style of play where every shot matter to create an impactful win.
  • Due to its technology and design, it comes up in the list of most durable racket with the best flexibility for the accurate and controlled shot.
  • The material used for racket construction is an indicator of its durability. Regardless of how intense your game, the racket holds up for a long time. 
  • It is easy to control and land exactly in that direction where you want. Every swing is clear with smooth movement in every response
  • The grip is perfect even when played for a long duration, you will not feel wrist pain after even long play 
  • It has a unique Aerodynamic Frame creating less air resistance for smooth swing movement without losing any point from the opponent


  • It is Inappropriate for unprofessional players
  • It is quite expensive for beginners and intermediate players. But its tough design overlap the price tag in terms of durability and design.

For whom it will be best?

This racket is for Beginner and intermediate players who want to spend for exceptional quality. Every specification is well crafted with perfect design and technology. It is for payers who play offensive and stunt the opponent with the powerful landing. The racket price will not be a problem when compared with the material used for a stiff and durable design. The graphite material used gives 20% better strength without compromising the racket weight.

Advance players have more options to choose from according to their expertise field. It has a heavy head but not ideal for a smash shot. You can choose more racket option under this price tag.


This racket is an exceptional choice for a Badminton racket. It is expensive but the latest and innovative material used makes this racket unique from other rackets present in the market under this price tag. Every feature imbibed with the latest technology design increases its durability with impressive flexibility.

You will never get disappointed with its performance even when played for a long duration. The advanced players can adjust their playing according to their strength. It will be the best choice for

Intermediate players who prefer the flexibility with a lightweight design to enhance their game to a new high. It would be the best choice who need a stabilized design for offensive gameplay.

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