How To Play Good Badminton Singles

You all might be well aware of the different styles of badminton. One can play it in singles as well as doubles. If we talk about badminton singles, then we can see that there are two players playing on the court, one in each team, whereas in badminton doubles we can see that there are four players playing on the court, in a set of two. And today here in this article I am going to explain to you, how to play good badminton singles and we will discuss more regarding it.

Also, there are different rules and regulations for both badminton singles as well as doubles, that the players need to follow on the court or during the match, which I will explain to you, below in this post.

So, if you love to play badminton singles rather than badminton doubles, then go through this article thoroughly. This post can help you in improving your skills and also let you know that how you can play good badminton singles.

Badminton Singles

Before we go further on this topic, let me explain to you the basics of this post, which is how one should play badminton singles? Playing badminton singles is one of the most challenging parts for the players.

Also, you should know that in badminton singles there are two players on the court, competing against each other. So the player has to make a lot of frequent and fast moves on the court for which the players require some of the finest abilities in them like:

Mental Strength

Rather than physical fitness, mental health also plays a vital role in playing badminton singles. The player is also required to be mentally fit so that he does not hesitate while playing and can give his best during the match.

If we talk about badminton doubles, then we can see that there are two players on the court handling the shuttle with proper coordination, whereas in badminton singles the player alone covers up the full court, for which he requires proper and strong mental health.

Well, this ability in a player helps the player to generate better confidence, as it plays a major role in badminton singles. In some tournaments and matches, you might have seen many young and beginner players lacking confidence, which leads them to a great loss. And this is the main reason, why players should keep their confidence high and have stable mental Strength.

How to Improve Mental Strength?

Here below I have mentioned some features as well as some exercises, which will lead you towards good and stable mental health and will also help you to give your best during any tournament or competitive match.

  • Stay away from negativity and negative thoughts.
  • Set goals.
  • Challenge yourself to perform better.
  • Control and balance your emotions.
  • Focus on your game.
  • Try to work on your mistakes and faults.
  • Feel confident.
  • Practice enough.
  • Self-care.
  • Don’t fear losing the game.

Physical Fitness

We can say that physical fitness is the basic component and factor of badminton Singles.

You might have seen badminton singles players performing some fast and frequent moves across the court and losing a lot of sweat which requires a lot of energy and stamina.

So, if you love to play badminton and are interested in badminton singles rather than doubles, then you should know that you should be physically fit, which includes your body composition, stamina, endurance, agility, and flexibility.

And if you want to know, how to improve your speed and agility for badminton, then check out the points, I have mentioned below.

How to Improve Physical Fitness?

If you need to improve your physical fitness for badminton, then you need to perform these exercises and activities on daily basis:

  • Perform and try out some core exercises.
  • Improve your endurance, flexibility, and strength.
  • Jogging,
  • Silent footwork.
  • Skipping.
  • Shadow playing.
  • Yoga.
  • Crunches.
  • Squats.
  • Sprinting.
  • Combination drills.

Rules and Regulations for Badminton Singles

Badminton singles and doubles rules and regulations are slightly different from each other. As this article is regarding badminton singles, so here we are going to discuss the badminton singles rules and regulations, which every player needs to follow on the court.

If you are a beginner or do not know about the badminton rules and regulations, then you can go through these rules mentioned below. I hope it will surely help you while playing any tournament or competitive match.

  • Before starting the match a coin is tossed and the winner gets the choice to choose a side or serve first.
  • A match holds a series of 3 games, of 21 points each.
  • When there is a service, a point is scored by a player.
  • A point is added to the scoreboard of the player, who wins a rally.
  • When the score reaches 20, then the player scoring 2 points first wins the match.
  • The winning player gets to serve first in the next match.
  • After scoring 11 points by a player, there is a break held for approx one minute.
  • In the last match, when the scores reach 11, then the players need to change their sides.
  • Also, after each game, there is a break of two minutes.
  • In the beginning, the server serves the shuttle from the right side of the court if his scores are even and if his scores are odd then he needs to serve from the left side of the court.
  • If in case the server scores a point or a rally, then he will serve again from his alternative side of the court.
  • Similarly, if the receiver scores a point or rally, then he becomes the new server.

Faults in Badminton Singles

After knowing some basic rules and regulations of badminton singles, now go through the fouls that mostly occur in badminton singles. It will help you to avoid such mistakes and fouls during a match or while you are on the court:

  • While serving if the shuttle is struck above the player’s waistline.
  • When the shuttle lands on the wrong side of the court during a serve.
  • If the players are not within the boundaries while serving and receiving.
  • When the player accidentally touches the net with his racket, body, or clothes.
  • If the player hits the shuttle over the net, or before crossing the net.

How to Play Good Badminton Singles?

As I have mentioned each and every basic piece of information regarding badminton singles above. And now I am going to explain to you some basic factors which will help you to know, how to play good badminton singles?

Also, these factors will help you in improving your game and skills. So I recommend you to go through these factors adequately especially when you are a beginner.

Improve your footwork

All that matters in badminton is speed. One must know that with the help of good and perfect speed he can cover up the full court easily and can return his opponent’s shots. But also remember that you need to perfect your footwork according to your speed.

All you need to do is coordinate your footsteps with your speed and make them frequent. This will help you in recovering from the shot you played against your opponent and will also make your next move more effective.

How to improve your footwork?

Here are some points, which will help you in improving your footwork for badminton:

  • You should be holding a proper stance.
  • Return back to the center after every shot you play.
  • Control your center base position.
  • Perform split step.
  • The center of gravity should be low.
  • The trunk should be straight.
  • Balance your movements with the help of your non-performing arm.
  • Perform deep lunges.
  • Improve the speed of your feet.

Perfect your base position

As I already mentioned above that, playing badminton singles is not that easy and its most challenging part is covering the full court by yourself and after every shot, you play against your opponent, you need to return back to the base position from where you begin the game.

But many beginners and new players commit a very common mistake by standing still in the same position rather than returning back to the base. And this silly mistake sometimes leads the player to lose a point, because he can not reach out to the shuttlecock within time, and the opponent takes the benefit.

So, if you remain in your base position, then you can clearly reach out to any part of the court to hit the shuttle easily and return back your opponent’s shot.

How to perfect your base position?

Here are some points, which will help you to perfect your base position:

  • Be quick.
  • Improve your speed.
  • Work on your jump.
  • Keep your body light and nimble.
  • Try to return back to the same position, from you began the match.

Try to read your opponent’s moves

This step might be difficult for beginners and intermediate badminton players, but professionals can easily identify some of their opponent’s moves. It is because of their playing experience and such a long duration of time.

So to play good badminton Singles you need to read your opponent’s next moves. All you need to do is examine their body posture, stance, and the position of their racket. This will surely give you a bit of an idea about the kind of shot he is going o play.

How to read your opponent’s moves?

Here are some points mentioned below, which will help you to read some of your opponent’s moves:

  • Observe the movements of your opponent.
  • Pin his weak points.
  • Also, try to observe his footsteps and racket.

Do not try to give away free points to your opponent

No one is perfect, we all make some silly mistakes. And if we talk about badminton then it is just a game, do not demotivate yourself on the basis of your mistakes and faults. Also, do not fear losing the game, all you need to do is concentrate and play carefully.

And before entering the court you must keep a fact in mind that no matter what, do not let your opponent score any free points. This will help you in motivating yourself and you can take care of every shot you play during the match.

Try to avoid these things

After entering the court you need to avoid these things, which will help your opponent to score any free points:

  • Do not serve into the net.
  • While serving do not stand on the lines and boundaries.
  • Do not hit the shuttle into the net while returning the shot.
  • Also, try not to hit the shuttle out of the court.

Limit your opponent’s option 

Let me inform you that if you try to limit your opponent’s option, then there are more chances for you to win a rally. So, do not give your opponent any chance to perform any adequate shot or score any point.

For this, you need to use some tricks and skills, which will help you to distract the player and he can not perform any shot, which could be beneficial for him.

How to limit your opponent’s option?

Here are some factors mentioned below, which can help you to limit your opponent’s option:

  • Play aggressive shots.
  • Force the player to move back to the corners of the court.
  • Make the opponent tired.


I hope you liked the article. As I have mentioned some effective and efficient ways, which will help you to know how to play good badminton singles. Also, if you are new to this sport or a beginner, then here you can learn some of the basics of badminton. And, if you are looking for some stuff regarding how you can play good badminton singles, then I’m pretty sure that this post can help you out. So I would like to suggest you go through this post and clear your doubts.

If in case you still face some problems regarding this topis or badminton, then you can feel free to ask and question us in the comment section below. We will try our best to short out your problems and doubts.

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