Best Badminton Rackets for Backhand| Reviews and buyers Guide

Are you looking for badminton rackets that help you in hitting a perfect backhand shot?

Then you are at the right place. Here we have briefly mentioned The Best Badminton Rackets for Backhand review and buyer’s Guide.

But before going further to reviews and buyer’s guide let me explain to you what actually is a backhand technique.

Badminton Backhand Technique

If the player is not in the best position to hit a forehand shot then only the backhand clear shot is played. The main motive to play this shot is to send back the opponent to the end of the court and gain some time itself to get in the right court position. As this shot is played behind the player’s body so it is also examined as one of the toughest shots. A player can hit the best backhand shot only when he’s in a great body position to gain timing and power.

Backhand shot is the best example of Secure Thumb Grip. The player must have a diagonal thumb across the grip if he’s willing to hit a perfect backhand shot.

Here are some factors which describe a perfect or a poor backhand shot:

  • Hold your racket with a perfect thumb grip.
  • Understand the swing position.
  • Generate power for clearing the shot.
  • Try to be smooth and generate proper contact with the shuttle.
  • Poor body posture of the player.
  • Poor hand grip.
  • Swinging action of the player.
  • High tension in your arms and body.

Top Badminton Rackets for Backhand Review and Buyer’s Guide

Scroll down to see more badminton rackets for a perfect backhand shot under your budget.

Yonex Doura 10 Badminton Racket


  • Brand:  YONEX
  • Grip: 4 1/2 inches
  • Sport: Badminton
  • Material: Graphite
  • Frame Material:  Graphite

About Yonex Doura 10

  • Flex:  Stiff
  • Frame: H.M. Graphite, nanometric dr, nickel-titanium fiber
  • Shaft: H.M Graphite, nanometric
  • Weight/ Grip Size: 4U (ave 83g)
  • String:  3U 16-26 lbs, 2U 20-27 lbs
  • Colors available:  Orange
  • Origin:  Japan


Yonex Doura 10 badminton racket belongs to the brand Yonex. It is manufacture in Japan. This badminton racket is two-faced which contains the best quality of Yonex which helps the player to perform well in the game. As the backhand provides speed and aerodynamics whereas the forehand is the main source of the power of the badminton racket. This badminton racket is the best example of power and speed. If you’re looking for a badminton racket that provides you power and speed at the same time then you should go for Yonex Doura 10.

Additional Factors

  • Hits a hard smash.
  • Provides adequate speed and power.
  • Built-in T-joint.
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Yonex Doura Z-strike Badminton Racket


  • Brand:  YONEX
  • Grip:  1/2 inches
  • Sport: Badminton
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 78 grams

About Yonex Doura Z-Strike

  • Made in Japan.
  • Attack type racket.
  • Provides Speed, Power, and Control to win the game.
  • High elastic Carbon frame: DR Hyper -MG
  • High elastic Carbon shaft:  EX-HMG


Yonex Doura Z-Strike is an advanced model of the Yonex Doura Series. With this badminton racket, the players have an advantage as this badminton racket is best for smashes and drives. Doura Z-strike allows the player to go for more consistent shots with excellent control.

For the extreme rebound effect, it has Elastic hyper MG Carbon present at the top area of the racket. This badminton racket has high stringing strengths and is extremely stiff for the highest power and optimum precision.

This badminton racket is two-faced. The forehand material in the badminton racket ensures a longer shuttle holds a perfect shot with high power. The Aero-frame in the backhand is of nickel-titanium fiber which ensures a very high rebound effect which results in extremely hard and fast forehand smashes and even superfast backhand drives.

Additional Factors

  • Extra Stiff
  • Well Balanced
  • Contains Nanometric Technology
  • Is strong, well designed and durable
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Yonex Nanoray ACE Badminton racket


  • Brand: YONEX
  • Grip:  G4
  • Sport:  Badminton
  • Material:  Graphite
  • Frame Material: Graphite

About Yonex Nanoray ACE

  • NANOMESH + CARBON NANOTUBE – Increases repulsion power, toughness, and impact strength within the racquet
  • CARBON GRAPHITE SHAFT –  Strong Construction & Light Weight
  • NANOSCIENCE TECHNOLOGY – With streamlined Aerodynamic NANOSCIENCE Technology built into the shaft for a Stiff Flex &  Unparalleled Repulsion Power.
  • NANORAY ACE is engineered for Lightning-Fast Shots.
  • Aero Frame –  Decreases air resistance and realizes a quicker swing.
  • CONTROL SUPPORT CAP –  Sharp Maneuverability | Isometric head – Bigger Sweet Spot
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Frame Material – H.M.Graphite.
  • Shaft Material – H.M.Graphite & NanoMesh + carbon nanotube.
  • String Tension – 24 lbs.
  • Weight –  4U (Ave. 80-84 grams).
  • Grip Size – G4 (5 inches).
  • Balance Type –  Head LIGHT.
  • Head Shape –  Isometric Head Shape
  • Age –  Adult


Yonex Nanoray ACE is designed with aerodynamic casing and graphite material which increases the flex of the shaft as Yonex uses Graphite and NANOMESH at the shaft. This badminton racket is basically designed for those who force their opponent to the backcourt with acute speed.

Air resistance is decreased by the thinner top edge of the frame sides which helps in a quicker swing, while repulsion through greater frame stiffness is created by the thicker sides at the bottom of the head.

Additional Factors

  •  HI- Flex
  • Well designed
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Yonex Doura 88 Badminton racket


  • Brand:  YONEX
  • Sport: Badminton
  • Grip: G4
  • Weight:  4U
  • Color: Yellow, White/Lime

About Yonex Doura 88

  • Composition: H.M Graphite, Nanometric, Super HMG
  • Flexibility: Stiff
  • Playing Level: Advanced
  • Ideal for: men and women
  • Head Shape:  Isometric
  • Stringing Advice:  3U 19-26 lbs
  • Shaft: H.M. Graphite


Yonex Doura 88 is also one of the Doura series badminton rackets which can be a good choice for you are willing for a racket with much swiftness and versatility. If you well know about the badminton game then this badminton racket is gonna enhance your experience more. This badminton racket has an excellent ability of balance as its head and frame have an equal mass which results in a perfect swinging of the badminton racket during the match.

The isometric head of Yonex Doura 88 provides a large surface area to the shots. These Doura series badminton rackets are available in green, blue, and white color combinations in the market. Basically, these badminton racket comes along with the original strings and tension which are meant to be used for longer terms.

Additional Factors

  • Slim shaft
  • Built-in T- Joint
  • Duel optimum system
  • Control support cap
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Yonex Nanoray 77 Tour Badminton Racket


  • Brand: YONEX
  • Sport:  Badminton
  • Skill Level:  Intermediate
  • Weight: 340 grams
  • Flex:  Flexible
  • Head Material:  Graphite
  • Shaft Material: Graphite

About Yonex Nanoray 77 Tour

  • The Nanoray series is designed for players who force their opponents into the back of the court with extreme speed.
  • Ideal for intermediate players
  • Headlight racquet
  • Shaft: H.M.Graphite with X-fullerene, Frame: H.M.Graphite


With X-fullerene material technology this badminton racket is produced and developed in Japan. It is a fast swing racket for those players who want to dominate the game with quick racket reactions. The airframe at the top sides of this badminton racket gives better swing speed and the box-type frame at the lower side helps the racket to remain stable which leads the player to hit the best shots, which makes Yonex Nanoray 77 Tour badminton racket as best attacking gameplay.

This badminton racket has an isometric head shape which provides it better head stability. If a badminton racket is built up in T-Joint and when the shuttle hits the stringbed of a racket it affects the racket stability, which is a weaker point for a badminton racket. But the Yonex Nanoray 77 Tour used Molded deep down the layers of graphite which provides joint free section and generates more rigid rackets.

Additional Factors

  • Lightweight
  • Rigid structure
  • Good repulsive power and strength
  • Excellent racket strength and handling
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How to select a perfect badminton racket?

We have briefly explained above about a few Best Badminton Racket for Backhand. And now we will notify some basic factors about badminton rackets you need to consider before buying a badminton racket for yourself or for someone else.

  • Before buying a badminton racket check its stiffness by bending both ends gently. The one with a flexible shaft will bend easily while the stiff one will give you a hard time.
  • To check shot accuracy you just need to put the right hand on the grip and another hand on the shuttle’s head and twist it sideways if it does not twist then it means that it is made up for the good shots and in case if it twists then you need not choose that badminton racket.
  • You must also check the weight of the badminton racket before buying it as some badminton rackets are heavyweight and some are lightweight. So choose accordingly.
  • Frame shape and Balance point are also the major factors that you need to check out in the certain badminton rackets you’re willing to buy.


So, overall we have discussed the Best Badminton Racket for Backhand, and I hope that you must have understood the basic factors that you must keep in mind while buying or selecting a badminton racket, and also we have explained “The Backhand Technique” at the very start. If you are new to this sport and want to know more about the badminton rackets and best badminton rackets for backhand then go through the article you’ll understand it much better up there.

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